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We offer a full line of cocktail, lunch and evening dinner catering to corporate clients. Below is a small sample of our menus. For further information or to receive a quote please call or send an email.

Lunch Menu Served on stainless or silver trays and serve 10 to 12 people

- The International sandwich platter $ 47.95
     Lebanese pita with Oriental chicken salad, Vietnamese shrimp and pork salad rolls, Italian foccacio with grilled vegetables, cold cuts and strong chesses.

- Dessert tray $25.95
     House made cookies, Biscotti and shortbreads

- Paté and cheese $42.95
     An upscale platter of specialty cheeses and paté

Cocktail Menu Served on stainless or silver trays and priced per dozen

- Teriyaki shrimp and snowpea $ 15.75
- Brochette of fresh fruit and Gruyere $   9.75
- Stuffed cocktail pita sandwich $ 10.95
- Vegetarian spring rolls $ 14.95
- Mini quiche with Stilton and leek $   9.75

Evening dinner price at $36.95 per person

- Japanese sushi with pickled vegetables and wasabi

- Mesclun salad with glazed almonds and citrus

- Veal chop with wil mushroom ragout

- Marie Charlotte with fresh berries and vanilla sauce


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